The PPG Waveterm

The Waveterm-C has the following working modules:-

Page 0 Shows connections with devices. Also allows keyboard splits using the mouse.
Page 1.00 Fourier synthesis page (this is virtually identical to the software on the Waveterm-B).
Page 1.01 Fourier re-synthesis. A new page where a waveform could be loaded or drawn then computed back to its originating sine wave harmonics.
Page 1.02 Allows the user to draw in the harmonic values on a bar graph using the mouse.
Page 2.00 Wavetable creation (as on the Waveterm-B).
Page 2.01 Stereo Wavetable creation.
Page 2.02 View a Wavetable in 3-D
Page 3.00 Edit real sampled sounds. This was not finished!
Page 9.00 Sound storage page. Only limited functions work on this page.


Using the WAVETERM-C Software

When you have downloaded the file, extract the files. You may see a security warning that can be ignored. In addition, there's a sub-folder called 'presets\demos' where there are a number of sound files for you to check out. The program is DOS based although it can be used from Windows. If using it from DOS, you may need to load a mouse driver to get the full use of the program.


The title page will appear. Press any key to reach page 0.

The mouse can be used to split the keyboard into different zones. This is shown by the white lines above the keyboard.
The split points can be deleted using the RIGHT button. The function keys are laid out exactly the same as on the real Waveterm-B so the HELP key is F10.

The files downloaded are as follows:-

demo.exe - The actual Waveterm-C demo program.
readme.txt - A little info.
egavga.bgi - Graphics interface file.
help.txt - The help file which is opened if F10 is pressed.
error.txt - The error file.


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