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Cosmic Void
Time Squad
I Don't Want
I Love America
2-Tribes (remix)
Escape Velocity
Check this
Code breaker
The Messiah
Mardi gras

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Moments -Art of Noise (remix). Mastered on 27th January, 1996. This was the first track to be recorded by the duo. At the time it was an ideal way to break the ice and test what they were capable of. This track had interest from Virgin Records within a week of being recorded. Virgin held back from any deals preferring to wait until the duo had recorded several more tracks. This was the beginning, a time to progress and a time to get interest from the big record companies.


Cosmic Void - Mastered 5/5/96. This track was originally written as a B-Side for Yakuza.


Trance - Mastered 16/5/96. Imagine all the ingredients of a techno track but with the slow intimate ambience of a ballad or soul track. This was another track written as a B-Side to complement Yakuza or another follow-up track.


Yakuza - Synthetique Records. A track with a distinctive 'Detroit' sound. The work on this track started within a week of the completion of 'Moments'. The original mix was made at the beginning of April 1996 but it wasn't until 21st June that the track was finally complete. Pleasure / Rob's Records originally were interested in this and teamed Escape up with Martin Descai, a sound engineer with plenty of experience of producing and mixing Dance records for Pleasure.


Metropolis - Synthetique Records. This remix of Yakuza came about due to the differences between the original Yakuza mix and the commercial version produced by Martin Descai. The original mix contained many elements not captured on the final Yakuza mix and the duo felt that the feel of the original should not be lost. With the aid of digital remixing, the duo captured all the original analogue synth parts from 16-track tape and created a track which sounds very much unlike Yakuza but still containing the feel of the original mix.


Time Squad - 16/5/96 and finally mixed 11th June 96. This was the second track to be produced under the partnership with Martin Descai.


Shifter - Synthetique Records. 12/6/96 to 15/6/96. The third and final track to be made with producer Martin Descai. This track is fast with a strong hard rhythm.


Mirage - First mix on 17th July 96 but completed on 15th August 96. Escape had decided that they needed to quickly work on a follow-up to the Yakuza single so that they wouldn't be caught out. In the end this didn't get used for this purpose.


I Don't Want - 5th September, 1996. An experiment in a different direction featuring vocals. This track was written by Taf during a little spare time and features the Escape sound. The lyrics follow a catchy melodic hook line with a strong unique bass sound.


Planet-X - Mastered on 10th September 1996. This track was one in which Master Jackster wanted to experiment with different rhythms. This track was nearing completion while Channel-4 were filming in the studio.


Explorer - Mastered 28th September 1996


I Love America - Full Intention (remix). - After seeing the studio and Escape on Channel-4 television, Simon Harrison from B&H Management sent a fax to Channel-4 requesting more information. During the same day Simon told Escape that he would secure a record deal for them. Quite an achievement as he hadn't even heard their music at this point. The deal was to remix a track for "Full Intention". A DAT tape was sent over containing the original mixes and the raw vocals. The project took up a full weekend consisting of 2 x 12 hour days in the studio. The results being two separate mixes and enough bits and pieces to string together a complete re-mix should the opportunity ever arise.


Odyssey - 13th January, 1997


Traveller - 26th January, 1997


2-Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (remix) - While on holiday playing several games of pool to the sounds of rock music, Taf had an idea of using the power of rock merged with the energy of dance music. The shear power of the 2-Tribes intro was a driving force which Taf had always liked. The combination of several mixes from the original versions and a merge with the Escape / Dance sound has resulted in a modern dance version of this song which is still popular among DJs. This track was not mixed for commercial use but purely for the love of a good mix of a brilliant song.
"Many thanks to Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson for bringing us this epic track."


Escape Velocity - The main purpose for this track was to allow people to get a quick listen to the Escape sound on the Internet. It was designed to be short and to the point enabling quicker download times.


Y2K - Produced in March 98.



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